How safe is your Gel polish?

How safe is your Gel polish?

Gelish Removal: Pure acetone: Pure acetone should never be used to remove gel-polished nails. Gelish Artificial Nail Remover was formulated with vitamins to remove gel polish and artificial nail enhancements safely and effectively – without drying out the skin or the nail plate. If your salon is still using pure acetone, make a suggestion that there are other products available that aren’t damaging to the nails. Peeling and Filing: Gel-polished nails should NEVER be peeled or filed off. EVER. The proper way that the salon should be removing gel-polished nails is by gently roughing the surface of the nail with a buffer, wrapping the nail with a Gelish Soak Off Wipe saturated with Gelish Artificial Nail Remover and soaking for 15 minutes. We have Relish soak off kits in the salon available for £9.99. But never pick, peel or chip at gel-polished nails. Refraining from doing so will keep nails healthy and strong. For proper removal instructions, check out this video.

. UV Lights: According to new studies done and recently released by The Journal of Investigative Dermatology, UV nail lamps don’t appear to cause skin cancer. Additionally, Gelish introduced the 18G LED light, which utilizes LED technology and is safe for salon use. Find complete coverage of the latest nail lamp studies here.

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