Why swap to our Perron Rigot Hot Wax?

When it comes to hair removal, in our view the longer it’s gone the better. That’s why we’re major fans of waxing. It’s one of the easiest and longer lasting ways to remove hair and keep it away.

Better still, the more you wax the less hair regrowth you will have. Sounds good right?

Hot wax is fast becoming a salon favourite and more often than not this is what’s on offer when you have a bikini wax. But what is all the fuss about with hot wax and which type of waxing is right for you?

What is the main difference between hot wax and strip wax?

Strip wax is removed with a cloth strip whereas hot wax stiffens on the skin, meaning it can be peeled off quickly to remove the hairs. While pain is definitely a consideration with waxing, the different types of waxing are good for different areas.

Strip wax is good for:

Legs Eyebrows Arm hair

Hot wax is good for:

Underarms Bikini line Male waxing

How does hot wax work?

Hot wax is so effective because it is just that - hot. The heat encourages your pores and hair follicules to open up making it easier to remove the hair.

Because the hot wax is able to cling to the hair as it dries on the skin it is super effective at stripping out that hair without irritating your skin.

There are lots of different types of hot wax too, from scented rose wax to chocolate hot wax, some types even have extra ingredients for skin benefits. Ask your therapist to know what type of hot wax they use.

What are the possible risks of waxing?

Most people won’t have a problem with waxing, although there is some pain, it’s usually over before you know it and the smooth fuzz-free result means that it’s well worth it.

However, as with most things, there are some risks. Possible side effects include redness, sensitive skin and in some cases people can experience bruising post waxing too.

What should you do after your wax?

There are some lifestyle no-no’s if you want to have the best waxing results. So post treatment avoid anything that is going to bring you out in a sweat. After waxing your pores are very open and are more vulnerable to getting blocked.

Avoid exercise, sunbathing, really hot showers, swimming and saunas for at least 24 hours after your waxing treatment.

Who is suitable for waxing treatments?

Everyone is suitable for hot waxing unless you have a skin condition like eczema or psorasis, getting waxed is not always going to be a good idea. Likewise if you have acne or are taking medication that thins the skin it is always worth checking with your GP first.

When can you wax?

Hair can be waxed as long as it is half a centimeter or more.

How to prepare for your waxing treatment

Before getting your wax it’s a good idea to avoid using any body oils on the day. Three days ahead of your wax try exfoliating the area to prepare the hair.

Got a low pain threshold? You’re not alone. If the thought of a wax makes you a little bit nervous then try taking a parcetamol before the treatment to help deal with the pain.

A common myth is that you need to trim before you go for your wax. This is not always the case as a good waxer should be able to trim if required, before going ahead with the waxing part.

How to avoid ingrown hairs

Sometimes waxing can lead to lumps and bumps, otherwise known as ingrown hairs. These little blighters will work themselves out eventually but if you are concerned you can always ask your beautician to help with any stubborn ones.

As with most things, prevention is better than cure os try and exfoliate the waxed area at least once a week.

Where possible try to avoid shaving the area too as this can help to restrengthen the roots and sabotage all your waxing efforts to reduce hair regrowth.

Our hot waxing is available in the salon in Eastwood Nottingham.

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