Everything you need to know about LED

Everything you need to know about LED

Dermalux is clinically proven and certified in the treatment of a wide range of medical and cosmetic skin conditions, delivering unique targeted combinations of Blue 415nm, Red 633nm and Near Infrared 830nm wavelengths to promote skin health and rejuvenation, accelerate healing and resolve problem skin conditions for the face and body.

LED is short for light emitting diode. It was originally developed by NASA for plant growth experiments and they soon realised its healing capabilities. Unlike other types of light, LED does not contain UV rays so it cannot cause burns and is safe for regular use.

LED uses colour wavelengths to treat everything from acne to ageing skin by increasing collagen production. Our skin uses light as a source of energy to kill acne causing bacteria, fuel the repair of damaged cells and to rejuvenate the skin. This energy stimulates collagen and elastin production and aids in tissue repair.


Phototherapy, meaning ‘Treatment with Light’ is based on the principle that all living cells have evolved to absorb and be influenced by light. Light is a powerful energy and when applied correctly, has a significant impact on how we look, feel and perform.

The mechanism of action is a natural response similar to that of photosynthesis through a process known as photobiomodulation.

The treatment involves exposing the skin to specific wavelengths or nanometres (nm) from the visible (colour) and infrared (invisible) part of the light spectrum. Wavelength selection is crucial to the success of the LED treatment as it determines how effectively the light is absorbed. It is so much more than colour choice.

The Benefits of Each Colour

DERMALUX BLUE 415NM KEY ACTION: ANTI-BACTERIAL Blue 415nm is the most proven wavelength to destroy the bacteria which causes acne and improve skin clarity whilst being gentle on the skin. Powerful antibacterial action also has a calming effect to reduce redness and inflammation.

DERMALUX RED 633NM KEY ACTION: REJUVENATING Red 633nm supercharges cell energy to accelerate repair and renewal, boost collagen synthesis, increase hydration and enhance circulation to reverse the visible signs of ageing. Ideal for restoring vitality and glow.

DERMALUX NEAR INFRARED 830NM KEY ACTION: WOUND HEALING Near Infrared 830nm targets deeper cells to trigger the wound healing process, calm redness and irritation, reduce pigmentation and promote healthy skin. Combine with Red 633nm for advanced rejuvenation benefits.

DERMALUX TRI-WAVE THERAPY KEY ACTION: TARGETS MULTIPLE INDICATIONS Dermalux are the ONLY LED devices to deliver all 3 wavelengths simultaneously at the optimum power for superior and lasting results.


Due to the power and performance of Dermalux LED technology, in most cases visible improvement can be seen after a single session (subject to indication and severity). However as with many procedures, results are cumulative and lasting results occur over a course of treatments. Following a single session, expect improvement in skin tone, hydration and vitality whilst stimulation of key cellular processes triggers longer lasting results over time. For inflammatory skin conditions, Dermalux offers immediate relief to redness and irritation. Using Dermalux to prepare the skin for more invasive procedures is proven to increase resiliency and immunity and also ensure that cells are fuelled with a ready supply of energy (ATP) to enable the healing process to be accelerated. Post treatment application significantly helps to reduce erythema and swelling, accelerate healing and bruise resolution, minimise the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and reduce downtime by an average of 50% Results can last for several months following a course of Dermalux treatments. However, regular maintenance treatments are advised to extend results as part of an on-going skin health programme.