Oily & Congested

Congestion is a term used to describe skin which has clogged pores. These are seen as blackheads and whiteheads, creating the bumps and dirty look associated with it. Blackheads are formed when the clogged substance is close to the surface. The air makes them appear black. Whiteheads are the deeper ones, harder to treat and not accessible to the air.

The overall cause is, of course, those pesky hormones we all have. However, why some people skin’s develop these problems and others don’t is due to a number of factors. All of which contribute differently to the problem.

What causes Congested Pores and Acne?

A build-up of excess oil & sebum
Dead cells which are produced constantly as our cells turnover
Environmental pollution and the daily dirt
Toxins being expelled by the body via your sweat
Makeup & Skin care
Insufficient cleansing
Products full of toxins such as petrochemicals, SLS & other nasty’s
Genetics and lifestyle issues play an enormous part in how the hormones act on the skin and so the treatment plan has to revolve around these.

How to clear Congested Skin

Congested skin treatment is slightly different to pimples, although congestion often leads to pimples so your treatment plan is similar.

What you’re aiming for;
To change the pH of your skin,
Keep it well hydrated,
Build its immunity,
Stimulate cell turnover, and
Keep the skin scrupulously clean without damaging the surface layers.
Harsh scrubs and cleansers simply cause inflammation, drying the skin and causing a rebound oil production.

Treatments we recommend

8 in 1 Superfacial- Particularly the Hydra peel function and the oxygen exfoliation. A 30 min 8 in 1 treatment will be sufficient.

The Extraction Facial- Removes blockages and blackheads and helps with oily skin types.

The High Frequency Treatment - Using High Frequency can minimse the appearance of large pores, treat & prevent stubborn spots and blackheads.

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