Redness & Sensitivity
Redness & Sensitivity

Redness & Sensitivity

Sensitised skin has a compromised barrier function. In other words? The protective layer of water, fatty acids, oils and healthy microflora is out of balance — which means that irritants and allergens are more likely to make it through to the skin. This results in unwanted symptoms like redness, irritation, heat, and even dermatitis.

The good news? Sensitised skin is actually a condition, not a permanent skin type. While genetically you may be more prone to sensitisation, in most cases, you don’t have to accept a life-sentence to reactive, irritated skin.

Treatments that will help with Redness and Sensitivity

Dermalux Promotes healthy skin, calms redness and irritation.

Omega Green Treatment The treatment helps to accelerate the healing process of acne, and calm rosacea with chloroyphllin copper complex and chlorella extracted from seaweed. This unique treatment is both detoxifying and soothing. It is also excellent at repairing a compromised skin barrier.

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