Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi Permanent Make Up

I specialise in semi permanent make up for the eyebrows in both machine and microblading technique. Depending on your desired result, I will recommend the right method for you and talk you through the process at a consultation.

Microblading is a semi permanent make up method done by hand and not machine. Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, is the finest form of eyebrow tattooing. Using a pen-like device with a disposable microblade attached, to scratch, etch and tap very thin hair strokes into the skin. These thin hair strokes flow in the same direction as your own hairs, and create the most natural results.

When using the hand held microblade, the colour is deposited closer to the surface than when a machine is used, leaving very fine and crisp hair strokes with no spilling under the skin so these lines heal thinner and sharper and there is less blurring over time. Each set of brows is bespoke to you and your measurements and the colour we choose should compliment your natural hair colour and skin tone.

Microblading is for anyone looking to improve or enhance the appearance of their brow, but also for those with fine, gappy or sparse brows. The brows can last between 12 months to 2 years depending on the skin type and colour chosen.

If Microblading is not suitable, then I may recommend a powder brow which is done using a semi permanent make up machine.

A consultation is required prior to your treatment so that we can discuss the shape and colour you desire. I will also explain the full procedure and perform a patch test to check for skin allergies. A £50 deposit will then be required to book your appointment should you choose to go ahead.

At your appointment for the treatment, the shape of the brows will be drawn according to your facial measurements. The whole procedure will take approximately 2 hours to complete and you will be provided with aftercare solution to use at home for the next two weeks. The treatment is not painful however depending on your pain threshold some discomfort can be expected. It is usually described as a 3 on a scale of 1-10.

You will then return after 6 weeks for a touch up appointment to check the brows and touch up any areas that need it. This follow up appointment is included in the price quoted at time of consultation.

Consultation Free of Charge

Full Brow Microblading (including follow up appointment) - £250

Full Brow Powder/Ombre/Combination Brow - £300

Colour Boost from £120

Colour Boost after 18 months - £200

Semi Permanent Make Up

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