Dryness & Hydration
Dryness & Hydration

Dryness & Hydration

Dry and dehydrated skin is missing moisture in one or both forms: water or oil. While dehydration is an incredibly common skin condition that can be experienced by all skin types, the array of symptoms and related conditions it causes makes it especially troublesome. Think: flakiness, uneven texture, sensitisation, fine lines, tightness, excess oil, and congestion.

What is dehydrated skin?

A lack of water within the top layers of the skin’s surface causes it to dehydrate, making the skin look dull, feel tight and pores look enlarged. Dehydration will also accelerate the signs of ageing, including fine lines.

This skin condition can affect even combination or oily skin types.

How is dehydration caused?

  • environment and pollution
  • weather temperature changes
  • incorrect beauty product use
  • central heating
  • lack of water intake
  • not using SPF all year round
  • air conditioning
  • showering in hard water or chlorine can all lead to skin dehydration and ageing

What treatments are available for dehydrated skin?

8 in 1 Super Facial

Signature Glass Skin

The Bespoke

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