Nail treatment
Nail treatment

Hands & Feet

Gel polish (hands or toes) £28
Gel Overlay BIAB £35
Gel Infill £38
Nail extensions £50
Gel polish removal £8
BIAB removal £12

Medi Pedi (no paint) £32
Medi Pedi with Gel finish £48

We use The Gel Bottle exclusively for gel polish and gel extensions. This range comes in 100s of colours and finishes so we know that there will be something for you!

*Please note that we do not offer normal nail varnish

About our Medi Pedi

Footlogix® is the world’s first and only Pediceutical® foot care line offering innovative products that provide effective and transformational results. Our Medi Pedi includes callus removal and skin softening using an acid based product which provides phenomenal results on hard skin!

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